Hailing from the land of tzatziki and souvlaki, Rozina is a Greek export living it up in the concrete jungle of NYC. She's got more titles than a Greek epic – Educator Extraordinaire, Design Devotee, Grid Goddess, Foodie Explorer, Travel Buff, and a Curiosity Connoisseur of the highest order.

Rozina's journey started on the sunny streets of Athens, where she balanced books on Education and Law at the University of Athens. But then, in 1999, the city lights of New York beckoned, and she answered the call. She emerged from the hallowed halls of Pratt Institute with a Master's in Communication Design – the Big Apple's influence was undeniable.

Since 2002, Rozina has been teaching graphic design to eager minds at the New York Institute of Technology. She's so good at it that in 2013, they made her the Academic Coordinator, and by 2018, she had climbed the throne as the Chair of the Digital Art and Design Department. She's like the Daenerys Targaryen of design, fostering alliances and breathing fire into the curriculum.

But wait, there's more! Rozina moonlights as a design superhero, running her own design studio where she takes on clients and whips up personal projects. She's even battled pro bono for the American Cancer Society and saved the day for theatrical groups. Her design skills are so sharp they've won awards like the Graphic Gladiator, Good 50x70 Grandmaster, and the How Design Adobe Commemorative Poster Prize. Magazines like Graphis, Creative Quarterly, and GD USA have showcased her work, and her designs have graced exhibitions from London to Las Vegas, and everywhere in between.

What keeps Rozina's creative gears turning? Well, it's Typography (she's got fonts for days), Branding (making logos that make you go "Wow!"), Editorial Design (because books can be stylish too), Environmental Graphic Design (yes, go big or go home), and Information Graphics (because who doesn't love a good chart?).

So, there you have it, Rozina – a Greek goddess turned NYC design queen, educator extraordinaire, and the reigning champion of all things graphic. Opa! 🇬🇷🗽